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Bustarfell is a peat farm in northeast Iceland . It is located next to Norðausturvegur (road 85), between Vopnafjörður in the north and Hringvegur in the south, in front of the mountain wall of the same name in Hofsárdalur.

Bustarfell was already known as the chief's seat during the saga . It has been inhabited by the same family since the beginning of the 16th century, who now live in a new house next to the museum. The six red gables are among the largest and best preserved peat yards in Iceland. Due to its remote location, however, it is not as well known as Glaumbær further west. It is a listed building and under the supervision of the National Museum .

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Coordinates: 65 ° 37 '0.5 "  N , 15 ° 9' 17.1"  W.