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Stage dance (dance art on the stage) is the third classical form of theater , alongside spoken theater and music theater . This means all types of dance that are performed on the theater stage , both dance interludes in operas , operettas and musicals , as well as independent full-length choreographies .


Painting “Before the Appearance” by Ernst Oppler , 1912

Until the end of the 19th century, the history of stage dance is the history of classical ballet . With Isadora Duncan , a movement against the rigid conventions of classical ballet emerged. This idea of ​​"free dance" was taken up and further developed by Ruth St. Denis , Mary Wigman ( expressive dance ) and Martha Graham ( modern dance ), among others . After the Second World War, and especially in the 1960s and 1970s, a large number of new choreographic styles and dance techniques emerged, for example dance theater ( Pina Bausch ), Butoh and neoclassical ballet ( Uwe Scholz ). The current styles and developments in stage dance are summarized under the term contemporary dance .


In contrast to stage dance, performance (art) develops urban space as a stage. The dance opera describes the works dominated by dance ( Heike Hennig ) and productions in the border area to opera or music theater .

Professional organizations

The professional dancers at the theaters in Germany refer to themselves as stage dancers and are unionized by the Cooperative of German Stage Members (GDBA). The number of freelance stage dancers who are loosely organized in associations such as the Society for Contemporary Dance NRW or the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance is much larger .

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