Cala Fornells

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Picturesque bay at Cala Fornells
Cala Fornells from the sea

Cala Fornells is a holiday complex in the southwest of the Balearic island of Mallorca and belongs to the municipality of Peguera (municipality of Calvià ). The facility is located in the north-western part of the bay of Santa Ponça (Ensenada de Santa Ponça ), opposite the Malgrat Island (Illa del Malgrat).

Cala Fornells became famous for the architecture of the Russian architect Pedro Otzoup , who built the Aldea Cala Fornells apartment complex here in an unusual design (reminiscent of Mexican pueblos ). The individual houses in this complex are uniform in color, material and style, but built differently in size, layout and many small details such as chimneys, window openings or balcony parapets, so that the complex does not leave the typical monotonous overall impression of a holiday complex.

No apartment unit is the same as another. Everything is tightly nested and nestled between pine trees and well-tended front gardens, connected by small and narrow alleys and stairs on the slope. In the entire district there are - apart from the edges - no high-storey hotel complexes, as are typical elsewhere on the Mallorcan coast. The facility has a central administration and is - apart from the through road of the same name - protected by fences and locked doors and not accessible to the public.

Cala Fornells is located a little above Peguera and doesn't actually have a real beach, as the coast is rather steep and rocky (see photo), in some places small stairs have been made to descend into the sea, in other places small ladders have been made to descend into the sea Water attached. There is a tiny natural beach in the Caló de ses Llisses bay and an artificially created swimming area opposite the Hotel Cala Fornells. The nearest beach in Peguera is about 15 minutes on foot using stairs or 20 minutes along the road. There are several restaurants and a small supermarket in the area of ​​Cala Fornells. Like Peguera, Cala Fornells is mainly preferred by German holidaymakers. The actual Cala Fornells apartment complex is neither suitable for wheelchair users nor for people who have difficulty climbing stairs.


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Coordinates: 39 ° 32 '  N , 2 ° 26'  E