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Callback referred to in the telecommunications a method in which telephone calls by a service provider that is not the operator of the telephone connection is by means of recall ( dt. For engl. Callback ) may be conveyed to the caller.


The establishment of the communication link between the caller and the service provider takes place here - in contrast to call through - by the service provider. The participant requests the connection from the provider either by means of a short dial ("ping call") or online via a browser , SMS or mobile phone software , whereupon the provider calls the participant on the agreed callback number of the telephone connection from which wants to call from this, calls back.

Callback is particularly interesting when the termination fee for the call termination with the caller ( A-subscriber ) is substantially lower than the connection tariff that is incurred when the A-subscriber sets up a call. In the past, for example, foreign callback providers often used special interconnection agreements for domestic mobile phone connections; in the case of domestic providers, in particular through special free internal call forwarding of incoming connections to landline numbers of the Homezone products (in Germany nationwide Homezone ).

Web-based telephony

For some time now, callback has been finding more and more users outside of the former technology-savvy user group and outside of mobile communications through so-called " web- based", "web-activated" or "browser-based" telephony from providers such as Jajah and Peterzahlen . In contrast to classic web telephony (using VoIP softphones such as Skype ), only the entry of the phone number (s), the connection request and, if necessary, the user account management takes place online via the Internet , while both the call transfer from the A-subscriber and the termination at the B- Participants via the conventional landline network (by means of callback) and only the long-distance switching of the connections, if necessary using IP telephony technologies, is implemented.

Dial-up online connections

Callback is also used to authenticate users of online dial-up connections in security-sensitive areas (e.g. access to the company's intranet ).


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