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The picture shows the entrance to the Cammerspiele Leipzig, a door in a former factory hall made of red bricks
Photo of the entrance to the Cammerspiele Leipzig in April 2019

The Cammerspiele Leipzig are a Free Theater , located on the grounds of the two work -Kulturfabrik in the district Connewitz in Leipzig is located. The theater was founded in 2000 and sees itself as a central production facility for young theater professionals. The aim of the production and performance facility is to promote young Leipzig artists, theater groups, performance collectives and directors.


The Cammerspiele Leipzig was founded in 2000 under the name Connewitzer Cammerspiele as an independent venue by Leipzig students on the premises of the Werk 2 culture factory . In the spring of 2002 the association Cammerspiele Leipzig eV was brought into being as sponsor of the theater. The Cammerspiele Leipzig have had their current name since the 2008/09 season .

Since 2010, the Cammerspiele Leipzig eV has been organized together with other associations on the Werk 2 site under the umbrella brand Kulturfabrik Leipzig . In 2011 the Cammerspiele Leipzig moved to other, newly renovated and professionally equipped premises within the Werk 2 site.

After publicly funded positions ceased to exist and adequate funding from the city failed to materialize, the Cammerspiele Leipzig suspended its gaming operations in September 2012 until the end of the year. According to his own statement, it was not possible to continue gaming operations due to the resulting staff shortages. In response to this situation, the association attracted public attention with the anti-campaign "Theater is shit - the chamber games have to go ... Don't". As a result, future productions of the Cammerspiele Leipzig could be financially secured by funding from the City of Leipzig.

Since 2015, the Cammerspiele have also been funded as an institution by the City of Leipzig. In this way, the concept of providing (opportunity) spaces, professional structures and specialist skills to promote young theater professionals, which is unique in Leipzig and Saxony, can be permanently implemented.

Cammerspiele program

As a production facility for young theater professionals from Leipzig, the Cammerspiele Leipzig stage around 150 events and nine to ten new productions per year, which are advertised annually. The project selection is made according to certain priorities, such as B. new, previously untested aesthetics as well as reference to current and contemporary topics. The spectrum ranges from contemporary staging of modern and classic works to piece developments through to performances and experimental formats. Every month, an average of 15 events are curated by the artistic management team. Each season has a specific motto.

In their profile, the Cammerspiele attach particular importance to promoting young artists. In addition to new productions by directors and artists who have already produced in the Cammerspiele and the summer theater staged by more experienced directors, the new | cammer series is primarily aimed at young directors who are making their first directorial experience. Players, directors, authors, theater groups and collectives are supported by the Cammerspiele Leipzig in the processes before and after the premiere of a production.

In addition to the in-house productions of Cammerspiele Leipzig , regular formats such as monthly improshows and guest performances from German-speaking countries, the experimental series LabBOX and the series CammerConcerts , in which musicians and bands perform monthly in the Cammerspiele, run at the house.

The Cammerspiele Leipzig are the venue for the Leipzig Liest reading festival at the Leipzig Book Fair . From the beginning, every year chamber plays have been part of the Brno International Student Theater Festival Revolving Stage .

Commitment and cooperation

The Cammerspiele Leipzig are involved in cultural-political and sector-related networks of Leipzig's independent scene (e.g. Leipzig + Culture, IG Freie Szene Leipzig ). You work regularly with other venues of the independent scene such as WERK 2 or naTo in the context of performances. The summer theater of the Cammerspiele takes place annually in the courtyard of the KUB gallery .

The Cammerspiele Leipzig is a member of the State Association of Amateur Theater Saxony eV (LATS) with its office the State Office of Performing Arts Saxony (LDKS),in the Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater eV (BDAT) and in Werk 2 eV Die Cammerspiele also cooperate with the Center of Competence for Theater(CCT)of the University of Leipzig. In 2010 the Cammerspiele Leipzig hosted the 12th Saxon Amateur Theater Days (SATT). In 2018, the Cammerspiele co- hosted the 5th German amateur theater award amarena .


In 2006, director Christian Hanisch received the Leipzig Movement Art Prize for the production of Dreck for the best staging of the independent performing scene . In the following years 2009, 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2018, several productions of the Cammerspiele were nominated for the movement art award.

In 2010 the production Darjeeling Express (director: Christian Hanisch) received the Saxon Amateur Theater Prize .

As part of the international theater festival ARENA der Junge Künste 2014 in Erlangen , the audience award was given to director Romy Kuhn for the coproduction Im Absprung by Romy Kuhn and the Cammerspiele Leipzig .

In 2016 Christian Hanisch and Ricardo Endt received the Leipzig Movement Art Prize for the best staging of the independent performing arts scene in Leipzig - for the co-production DARK STAR - fight the bomb, fight the crisis by DAS ÜZ , pipidasdasWerk 2 and the Cammerspiele Leipzig . In the same year, the German amateur theater award “amarena 2016” of the Federation of German Amateur Theater eV (BDAT) in the acting category was awarded to Rico Dietzmeyer for the production of The (Self) Natural .

In 2017 the production travel group heim-weh! the first prize of the Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik eV for theater projects with asylum seekers (artistic director: Studio Urbanistan ).

In the same year, the jury's special prize was awarded to the production Don Q (director: Rico Dietzmeyer) at the international theater festival Ljubitelivõ 2017 in Sillamäe ( Estonia ).

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