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Blueprint of a decapod . The cephalothorax is the area marked in yellow from the cephalon and thorax

Cephalothorax ( ancient Greek κεφαλή kephalé , German 'head' and ancient Greek θώραξ thórax , German 'breast part' ) denotes the intrinsically immobile front body of the higher crabs (Malacostraca). It is covered by the carapace extending from the head .


In decapods , the cephalothorax consists of the head ( cephalon ) and the chest section ( thorax ). In many other malacostraca only one or two thorax segments are fused with the head to form a cephalothorax, the sequence cephalothorax - peraeon - pleon / abdomen (e.g. in satchel cancers ). Such a fusion of head and thorax also exists in some jaw-bearers (chelicerates, e.g. horseshoe crabs ).


The part of the cephalothorax of the Decapoda carrying the (5) striding legs ( peraeopods ) is also called the peraeon.

The forelegs of arachnids are sometimes referred to as the "cephalothorax". This is incorrect because it is a movable fore-abdomen which is correctly called a prosoma . Opisthosoma is also used synonymously and incorrectly .

In other arthropods, such as trilobites (extinct), hexapods and insects , the head can move freely against the thorax.

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