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Cesare Cipollini (born December 16, 1958 in Belfort , France) is a former Italian professional cyclist and older brother of Mario Cipollini (1989 they rode together for the Italian team Del Tongo ). He is married to the Italian Marzia and has three children (two sons, one daughter). Today he works as a gardener in Lucca, Tuscany .

Cesare Cipollini was considered a more talented, more complete driver than his younger brother. Nevertheless, he was never able to build on his success as an amateur as a professional and primarily performed helper services in the course of his professional career.

In 1976 Cesare Cipollini took part in the Olympic Games in Montreal as an amateur . He was there at the side of u. a. Giuseppe Saronni member of the Italian Olympic paver. As a professional, Cesare Cipollini drove the Giro d'Italia several times . In 1983 he won the Italian one-day race Giro dell'Emilia ahead of Daniele Caroli (Ita) and Dag Erik Pedersen (Nor). He drove the Giro d'Italia four times; 86th place in 1981 was his best result in the tour.

Cesare Cipollini sees the cause of his poor career in the doping problem. According to his own statement, he had a different philosophy than most of his colleagues, namely that he went cycling without doping. Today he describes the cycling circus as a destructive world in which he has never found his way. Nevertheless, he declared his general willingness to work for more credibility and safety in cycling.


  • 1978 Magniflex torpado
  • 1979 San Giacomo-Fanini
  • 1980 Famcucine-Campagnolo
  • 1981 Selle San Marco-Sider-Gabrielli
  • 1982 Selle Italia quinol
  • 1983 Dromedario Alan Sidermec
  • 1984 Dromedario Alan Oece
  • 1985 Fanini-Wuhrer
  • 1986 Magniflex Centroscarpa
  • 1987 Pepsi Cola-Miranda
  • 1988 Gis-Ecoflam-Jolly
  • 1989 Del Tongo-Mele-Val di Non
  • 1990 Italbonifica-Navigare

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