Christoph von Zülow

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Baron Christoph von Zülow (mentioned in 1632) was a soldier and a member of the first German language association, the Fruit Bringing Society .

Zülow comes from the Mecklenburg nobility. According to the current state of research, very little is known about life and career. In the field camp near Hildesheim in the spring of 1632, Lieutenant Colonel Zülow is attested with five of his own riding companies among the troops of Duke Georg von Braunschweig-Calenberg .

At the end of 1636, Zülow and Count Christian zu Rantzau were accepted into the Fruit-Bringing Society by Prince Ludwig I of Anhalt-Köthen . He gave this the company name Der Faslich (t) e and the motto probably drives out . As an emblem, the miracle tree, as it shies in seeds ( Ricinus communis L. ) was intended for him. Zülow's entry can be found in the society book of the Fruit-Bringing Society under no. 298. The rhyme law that he wrote on the occasion of his admission is also recorded there:

Eß drifts very well from the miracle tree,
That the shell is bad, and that the barrel took it from me
One has given drumb, because so it is kept
Dr motley seeds that go to Artzeney
Very strong effect gives: Whom that is driven out
So that good things show, one should love heartily.
And be well kept in the white
That you also do others in this life.