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Clairet [ klɛˈʁɛː ], anglicized Claret [ ˈklæɹɪt ], is a French red wine from the Bordeaux region .

From 1152 to 1453 Bordeaux was subject to the English crown, so that England and later the English-speaking world developed a preference for the wine from the region. It was called Clairet because it was lighter and lighter than the powerful, dark Spanish and Portuguese wines at the time.

The name, anglicized to Claret , is still used in England today for every Bordeaux , while in France Clairet is the rosé-like , light red wine from this region, according to medieval tradition . This wine is only fermented briefly on the grape skins so that they do not give off too much color. The German version of claret wine is also rarely used. The white variety of Hypocras in Saxon wine and winemakers books also called Claret .

Reception and use

In the James Bond film Diamantenfieber , the eponymous hero exposed a suspicious waiter with the question of whether a claret wine would have gone better with the corresponding meal instead of the Bordeaux (1955 Mouton-Rothschild ). The wrong answer here resulted in the villain's quick demise. This topic is also taken up in the Fawlty Towers episode The Hotel Inspectors .

The wine is also used in the preparation of the Continental Sour , a cocktail made from rye or bourbon whiskey , lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white.


Individual evidence

  1. Spiced wine or Glögg. On the trail of mulled wine .