Claude Nigel Byam Davies

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Claude Nigel Byam Davies (born September 1, 1920 , † September 25, 2004 ) was a British ethnologist and American scholar . He has published numerous important works on the Aztecs and Toltecs , mostly under the shortened name of Nigel Davies .

Nigel Davies was born in Hendon , England. After training at the Royal Military College in Sandhurst, he became a lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards of the British Army. During the war he served in the Middle East, Italy and the Balkans. After finishing his military service, he won the Epping parliamentary seat for the Conservative Party , but gave up the seat after a year. He then traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East and eventually settled in Mexico City . He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Antropología, a specialized training institution in Mexico, where he received the degree of Master of Archeology in 1968, with an ethnohistorical study of the areas independent of the Aztec Empire. He was also the managing director of a factory for industrial glassware in Harlow . He later received a PhD from University College London. The innovative analyzes and interpretations in his monographs on the Aztecs and their predecessors, the Toltecs, are of considerable scientific importance. Later he published more comprehensive overview works without their own scientific goals. For his last two decades he lived in Tijuana .


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