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A cluster manager is software for managing a computer cluster (network of several computers). It is available for administrative processes in the cluster and mostly automates processes such as failover from the primary system to the standby system in the event of a failure and switchover for maintenance purposes. The term clusterware is also used as a synonym .

The so-called cluster heartbeat in conjunction with or in addition to a quorum , a signal that is exchanged between the cluster nodes (individual computers in the cluster) via a network connection , is usually used to detect the failure of a computer in the cluster . If the heartbeat of a computer falls silent, a failure of the same is assumed and a failover (a takeover of services such as databases , web servers or application servers ) is initiated.

Some cluster managers offer the option of developing your own agents. This variant covers the case that a computer is available and its cluster heartbeat continues to be sent over the cluster network, but the application service (e.g. a database service) is no longer available. In this way a cluster agent can check whether a database connection is possible. If this is not successful, a failover can also be initiated using the agent.

Typical cluster managers are

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