Columella (genus)

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Toothless diaper snail (Columella edentula)

Toothless diaper snail ( Columella edentula )

Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Pupilloidea
Family : Diaper snails (Vertiginidae)
Subfamily : Vertigininae
Genre : Columella
Scientific name
Westerlund , 1878

The genus Columella is a genus of snails of the family of diaper snails (Vertiginidae) from the subordination of land snails (Stylommatophora). According to preliminary work by Jeffrey Nekola, the genus belongs to the family of grain snails (Chondrinidae).


The representatives of the genus Columella have right-hand, rarely left-hand, cylindrical, rarely slightly conical cases with 5 to 8 turns. They grow up to 4 mm high and 2.3 mm wide. The surface is smooth or has only fine strips of growth. The color varies from light horn to maroon. The mouth is simple with a sharp edge. It is only slightly bent at the spindle and basal margin. The mouth is not reinforced.

In the genital system, the penis is moderately long with a short epiphallus and a short, rounded process. The spermatic duct is moderately long. The penile retractor muscle attaches roughly in the middle of the slightly clubbed epiphallus. The vagina is very long. The stem of the seminal vesicle is about twice as long as the elongated, egg-shaped seminal vesicle.

Geographical distribution

The species of the genus Columella occur in the Holarctic . Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa is still very uncertain.


The genus Columella was established in 1878 by Carl Agardh Westerlund . The older generic names, Paludinella Lowe, 1852 and Edentula Clessin, 1876 are preoccupied and can therefore not be used for this taxon. Type species is Pupa inornata Michaud, 1831, a younger synonym of Columella edentula (Draparnaud, 1805). About 12 species are currently included in the genus:

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