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Bellied diaper snail (Vertigo moulinsiana)

Bellied diaper snail ( Vertigo moulinsiana )

Class : Snails (gastropoda)
Subclass : Orthogastropoda
Superordinate : Heterobranchia
Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Pupilloidea
Scientific name
Turton , 1831

The Pupilloidea are a large superfamily of snails from the suborder of land snails (Stylommatophora).


The housings are usually small to very small. The housing shape ranges from oval, cylindrical, highly conical to flattened-conical. The surface of the embryonic convolutions is smooth to slightly granulated, that of the postembryonic convolutions is mostly sculpted more or less radially. The mouth can be toothed. The mouth edges are more or less clearly bent and widened. In the hermaphroditic genital apparatus there is a penis with an epiphallus. A blind sac ( caecum ) sits on the basal epiphallus, and there is also a penile appendix. The penis retractor is branched; it starts near the blind sac. In some groups the lower pair of tentacles is missing.

Geographical occurrence

The superfamily is common worldwide.


According to Bouchet & Rocroi (2005), the superfamily Pupilloidea comprises 13 families. On the other hand, Schileyko (1998) ruled out the superfamilies orculoidea, vertiginoidea and chondroidea in addition to the pupilloidea, to which he assigns most of the families listed here.


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