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Gastrocopta moravica oligodonta

Gastrocopta moravica oligodonta

Superordinate : Heterobranchia
Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Pupilloidea
Family : Vertiginidae
Subfamily : Gastrocoptinae
Scientific name
Pilsbry , 1918

The Gastrocoptinae (syn .: Gastrocoptidae ) are a subfamily of snails from the suborder of land snails (Stylommatophora).


The housings are small to very small. They measure only a few millimeters. The shape varies from oval, cylindrical-oval to conical-oval. The shell is transparent and colorless when fresh. However, it quickly becomes darker after the animal dies. The few turns (usually around 6 turns) are convex, the apex is not particularly noticeable. The embryonic coils are smooth, the later coils are sculpted. The mouth is rounded, often even "free", i.e. H. slightly lifted from the last turn. It is usually heavily reinforced with angular and parietal lamellae, which have often grown together to form a lamellae. Columellar lamellae and palatal plicae are usually also formed. The mouth edge is turned over and greatly expanded. The penis and epiphallus are present in the hermaphroditic genital apparatus. The penile appendix is ​​missing. The unbranched penis retractor attaches near the top of the penis. The vagina is relatively short, while the stem of the spermathec is relatively long.

Geographical distribution, occurrence and way of life

The species of the subfamily live from the Caucasus over the southern Urals to East and South Asia, Australia, some islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, North America and the Cape Verde Islands . They are also proven to be fossilized from Central Europe.


The taxon is classified by Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) as a subfamily in the Vertiginidae within the superfamily Pupilloidea . In contrast, Schileyko (1998) treats it as an independent family within a superfamily Vertiginoidea. He divides the following genera into two families, Gastrocoptidae and Hypselostomatidae Zilch, 1959, which are treated as synonyms by Bouchet & Rocroi (2005). Beata Pokryszko et al. (2009) place the subfamily Gastrocoptinae in the family of grain snails (Chondrinidae).

  • Gastrocoptinae Pilsbry subfamily, 1918
    • Genus Cavipupa Pilsbry, 1834
    • Genus Chaenaxis Pilsbry & Ferriss, 1906
    • Genus Gastrocopta Wollaston, 1878 (with the subgenera Gastrocopta (Gastrocopta) Wollaston, 1878, Gastrocopta (Australbinula) Pilsbry, 1916, Gastrocopta (Immersidens) Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1900, Gastrocopta (Albinula) Sterki, 1892, Gastrocopta ( Geminidrocopta) (Geminidrocopta) 1930 , Gastrocopta (Sinalbinula) Pilsbry, 1916, Gastrocopta (Staurotrema) Pilsbry, 1948, Gastrocopta (Vertigopsis) Sterki, 1893 and Gastrocopta (Privatula) Sterki, 1893)
    • Genus Gibbulina Beck, 1837
    • Genus Ptychopatula Boettger, 1889
    • Genus Pumilicopta Solem, 1988
    • Genus Ulpia Hylton Scott , 1955

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Individual evidence

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