Coppermine Photo Gallery

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Web gallery
Basic data

Maintainer Coppermine team
Publishing year 2003
Current  version 1.5.48
(December 21, 2018)
operating system platform independent
programming language PHP
category Web gallery
License GPL
German speaking Yes

The Coppermine Photo Gallery is a free under the GPL standing web gallery . It is a server-based image gallery script based on PHP , MySQL and the graphics library GDlib / GD2 or ImageMagick . The project is developed open source, is free of charge and offers interfaces to common forum systems .

This web gallery contains many functions such as: main / sub-folder, slide show, click counter, evaluation of the images, image information ( Exif ), image comments, random generator , multilingual, integration in content management systems and web forums , support of different graphic formats , as well as Flash , various audio formats and video formats .

Additionally, there are modules for Linux and Mac OS X as uploading - interface to Coppermine.

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