Cottbus-Großenhainer Railway Company

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The Cottbus-Großenhainer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (CGE) was a railway company in Prussia . She was the owner of the railway connection between Großenhain , Cottbus and Frankfurt (Oder) .


It was founded in 1868, with the Leipzig-Dresdener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft subscribing a third of the capital, as it hoped for additional traffic from the new railway. She took over management when the 80 km long Cottbus - Senftenberg - Großenhain line opened on April 20, 1870. The first director of the CGE was Karl Eduard Zachariae von Lingenthal until 1876 . The company was based in Cottbus.

The 71 km extension of the trunk line in a north-easterly direction from Cottbus via Grunow to Frankfurt (Oder) was opened to traffic on December 31, 1876.

Since June 1, 1874, the CGE - at the request of the state - has been running its routes itself; also on the " Oberlausitzer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft ", which was opened at the same time . From July 1, 1878, the relationship with this was limited to the management of the Ruhland - Lauchhammer branch line.

Since the traffic of the CGE developed well, the Prussian state intended to acquire the company. He took over management and operation of the railway on May 1, 1882 and became the owner on September 1, 1883. The CGE was dissolved.


Individual evidence

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