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Criss Source (born April 19, 1978 in Essen as Christian Marc Sauer ) is a German DJ , musician and label owner .


Sauer started working as a DJ at the age of 15. At that time he had his first appearances in the Passarella Club in Essen. At the age of 16 Source had regular appearances in the clubs Tribehouse , Atomic Club, Move Club, Neuschwanstein, U-Club, Ratinger Hof , Katakomben, Poison Club and others.

Source's first single Ruhr Cowboy - a title that has remained a nickname for him - was released in 1997 on the Progressive Force label in Essen. A year later he teamed up with Marco Illetschko (Marc o'Tool), with whom he founded music projects such as Chrome or Motorcraft, created remixes for acts such as RMB or Monoculture and also produced his own singles.

After the release of his 2004 single "Hugs'n Kisses", Criss Source performed in Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey and Mexico, among others.

Discography (selection)

  • 1997: Ruhr Cowboy ( Single , Progressive Force)
  • 1998: Sunrise & Hold On (Single, Taaach! Recordings)
  • 1999: Once Upon & Rosebowl (Single, Taaach! Recordings)
  • 2000: Miami 3000 / Osaka 3000 (single, Underworld Records)
  • 2002: nineteen (underworld records)
  • 2003: assindia / rush hour (mauritius music)
  • 2004: hugs'n kisses / neo tokio (mauritius music)
  • 2005: hugs'n kisses (vendetta records)
  • 2005: hugs'n kisses (NEWS)
  • 2005: hugs'n kisses (global underground / lights out)
  • 2005: gate twenty one / retrospective (mauritius music)
  • 2005: Criss Source vs. marc o'tool - front & rearderailleur (superacht musik)
  • 2006: Criss Source vs. marc o'tool - front derailleur & retrospective (vendetta records)

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