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The Ratinger Hof on Ratinger Strasse in Düsseldorf 1978

The Ratinger Hof was an artists' pub in the 1970s and early 1980s and a hotspot for underground culture in Germany. German punk was invented in the Ratinger Hof. The cult pub was located in Düsseldorf's old town on Ratinger Strasse 10.

Location and importance

Ratinger Hof, a cozy pub with star sky on the ceiling, carpet-covered tables and by the end of 1975 jukebox was both the met psychedelics of Cream Cheese , the punk society and the rocker and occasional mods of the Düsseldorf area. From 1974 to 1979 Carmen Knoebel and Ingrid Kohlhöfer ( Christof Kohlhöfer's wife ) were the operators. In 1976 the Ratinger Hof underwent a radical formal change through the artist Imi Knoebel . All walls were painted white and bright neon lighting was purchased. This ensured that the regular audience changed. Rockers and so-called old hippies preferred to go to other places. In the club called just Hof by the scene , concerts by well-known punk bands such as 999 , Wire , XTC , Dexys Midnight Runners , Pere Ubu , SYPH , lunch break , Fehlfarben , Male , Charley's Girls , Family 5 , and the West Berlin band DIN A Testbild took place , Minus Delta t , The thoughtful conscripts and others instead. ZK , the predecessor band of Die Toten Hosen , played their first concert there. Other important bands that were founded around the Ratinger Hof are KFC , DAF - German-American Friendship , Fred Banana Combo , Mania D and Östro 430 . Carmen Knoebel made it possible for bands to rehearse in the beer cellar of the courtyard during the day, which was used intensively by the band ZK with singer Campino , for example , and led to many young musicians seeing the courtyard as their home and getting there early right after school Afternoon met. At night bands like Kraftwerk , Neu , La Düsseldorf appeared and stood at the counter and exhibited. The then German studies student Hubert Winkels , today a literary critic, Peter Glaser and the poet Thomas Kling , who died in 2005, met there for pogo, as did the early Düsseldorf punks . The music for this was presented between 1979 and 1984 by Markus Oehlen , Jimmy Radant , Detlef Lamprecht , the "fat Reinhold", Xaõ Seffcheque , Waldi (Waldemar Jaeger) and Ziggy P (Siegfried Abrolat) as DJs. In March 1981 the Stern magazine reported on the Ratinger Hof and presented it as an insider tip. However, the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle had already kicked off, a mass-produced copy of the music and lifestyle that started in 1976 in the courtyard .

Art historical relevance

Artists who studied or taught at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, which is about 300 meters away, met in Ratinger Hof : Blinky Palermo , Imi Knoebel , Katharina Sieverding , Sigmar Polke , Thomas Ruff , Thomas Schütte , Axel Hütte , Trini Trimpop , Muscha , Christof Kohlhöfer , Klaus Mettig , AR Penck , Markus Oehlen , Jörg Immendorff and Joseph Beuys . The courtyard remained open until the police hour at one o'clock in the morning, with the greatest crush, including the security forces, often taking place outside on Ratinger Strasse. In 2010, the North Rhine-Westphalia art collection showed the exhibition “Evaluation of flight data, art of the 80s. A Düsseldorf perspective ”, which presented works by internationally known artists who were regulars at Ratinger Hof. The title of the exhibition “Evaluation of Flight Data” comes from Thomas Kling, a Düsseldorf poet, who in his poem “RATINGER HOF, ZETTBEH (3) - o night! I already took jet fuel .. ”the nocturnal atmosphere in the“ courtyard ”poetically condensed.

The Ratinger Hof scene is the subject of a documentary by Reda El Scherif and Konstantin Koewius with Peter Hein , Andi Meurer , Carmen Knoebel, Jonny Bauer, Kurt Dahlke , Jürgen Krause, Monique Maassen, Armin Campari and Eva Maria Goessling and others. a. The scene in the Ratinger Hof is also a central theme in Jürgen Teipel's documentary novel Verschwende Deine Jugend about punk and new wave in Germany. Comparable institutions in Berlin were SO36 and the jungle . After the courtyard was closed in 1989, the building temporarily housed a Technodisco run by Rolf Maier-Bode . Only since 2003 rock has been played again in Ratinger Hof under the name Stone .


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