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A plastic measuring cup with a cup.

The (or the) cup (literally " cup ") is an Anglo-American unit of measurement used in the kitchen for volume, i.e. a measure of space . The unit symbol is cup, or, if it is not clear from the context which definition is meant, Imp.cup or US.cup.

The American Cup (US Cup) is still widely used in American cooking recipes . The British Cup (Imperial Cup) is rarely used in Great Britain itself, but only in a few former colonies. If a metric measuring cup is used , 235  ml is an approximation for the US Cup and 285  ml for the Imperial Cup.

The cup literally means cup , but it is different from the z. B. in German recipes usual approximate unit of measurement cup is a defined unit. Although there are several different definitions of the cup, each of these definitions describes an exact set. A local coffee cup is usually noticeably smaller than a cup. B. must be taken into account when translating recipes.

Anglo-American system of measurement

Physical unit
Unit name Cup
Unit symbol ,
Physical quantity (s) volume
Formula symbol
system Anglo-American system of measurement
In SI units ,
Named after English cup , "mug"
Derived from Gill


From this it follows: 1 Imp.cup = 1.20095 US.cup

The following applies to both systems of units: 1  gallon = 4  quart = 8  pint = 16 cup = 32  gill .

However, there are differences in the subunits:

Tea cup

The following applies to both systems of units: 1 pint = 2 cup = 3 tea cup

Metric system of measurement

When the metric system of measurement was introduced, many traditional units of measurement were adapted to metric measurements. The same goes for the cup. 1 liter corresponds to 4 or (in Japan) 5 cups.

  • 1 metric cup = 250 milliliters
  • 1 metric gallon = 8 metric pint = 16 metric cup = 4 liters
  • 1 cup = 200 milliliters (in Japan)

Common dimensions for European coffee machines

  • 1 cup = 125 or 150 milliliters

The traditional Masu measuring cup for sake has a content of

  • 1 = 2401 / 13310 liters ≈ 180.39 milliliters

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