Da widna

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Da widna
publication January 27, 2020
length 2:55
Genre (s) pop
text Mikita Najdsjonau
music Uladsislau Pashkewitsch, Valeryja Hrybussava
Producer (s) ToneTwins

Da widna ( Belarusian Да відна , till dawn ' , English transcription Da vidna ) is a pop song in Belarusian, which was interpreted by the group VAL and which was supposed to be the Belarusian contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam .

Background and content

On February 27, 2020, the group VAL won the Belarusian television show Eurofest 2020 , which was the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The title won, although it only received the second highest ratings from the jury and televoting .

The music was composed by the duo themselves, consisting of Uladsislau Paschkewitsch and Valeryja Hrybussawa. Mikita Najdsjonau wrote the text. The production and the arrangement was carried out by the ToneTwins team, which also produced the Belarusian Grand Prix title “Story of My Life” (2017). Uladsimir Koupak designed the album cover.

According to the band, it is their first track that is in Belarusian. Hrybussawa wanted to sing the song in the local language because the Eurovision Song Contest was a political competition and she wanted to represent her culture. Pashkewitsch originally spoke out against participating in the competition, but changed his mind when he came to the opinion that the song was appropriate for it. In terms of content, it is about a girl who was forcibly married , but who is dissatisfied with her situation and soon realizes that it is not just her. The singer explained that the title was feminist- inspired as the woman should decide which man she will get together with.

The draft began a year ago, but the final version was only completed shortly before the Eurofest. Najdsjonau, the copywriter, stated that the submission deadline was about to expire as the reason for the inspiration for the text.


The criticism was mostly negative. Eurovisionary stated that the title was boring or not memorable. ESCXtra also came to a similar conclusion. According to Wiwibloggs, the song is simple for many listeners, but for Belarus it is a step in a completely new and undiscovered direction. However, it was positively rated in all magazines that the song was sung in the local language.

At the Eurovision Song Contest

Belarus should have performed this song in the first semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. However, due to the advancing COVID-19 pandemic , the competition was canceled.


The single was released as a download and music stream on January 27, 2020. An acoustic version was released on February 21.

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