Dag Bjørndalen

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Dag Bjørndalen (born April 2, 1970 in Drammen , Norway ) is a former Norwegian biathlete .

Dag Bjørndalen, who started for the Simostranda ski club, started biathlon in 1986. He is the four years older brother of Ole Einar Bjørndalen , but was never able to achieve his success despite excellent shooting. His greatest triumphs were the 1998 Olympic silver in the relay (with his brother Ole Einar, Halvard Hanevold and Egil Gjelland ) and the 1995 World Team Championship as well as various medals nationally and internationally. Between 2002 and 2004 he only made four appearances in the World Cup, in which he almost always scored points. Today Bjørndalen works as a trainer at the Norwegian Ski School in Geilo. He himself still runs a few national races.

Dag Bjørndalen is married and has a father of two.


  • 1998 Olympic silver in the relay
  • 1995 world champion in the team
  • Vice European Champion 2004 (relay)
  • four times Norwegian champion

Biathlon World Cup placements

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including the Olympic Games and World Championships).

  • 1st - 3rd Place: Number of podium placements
  • Top 10: Number of placements in the top ten (including podium)
  • Points ranks: Number of placements within the point ranks (including podium and top 10)
  • Starts: Number of races run in the respective discipline
placement singles sprint persecution Mass start team Season total
1st place 3 3
2nd place 1 1 5 7th
3rd place 5 5
Top 10 4th 6th 4th 1 1 16 32
Scoring 15th 26th 20th 4th 1 16 82
Starts 27 54 29 4th 1 16 131
Status : data may not be complete

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