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International Biathlon Union
Seat Anif , AustriaAustriaAustria 
founding 2nd July 1993

place London , UKUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom 
president SwedenSweden Olle Dahlin
Secretary General SwedenSweden Niklas Carlsson
Members 54 national associations

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) ( English International Biathlon Union ) is the umbrella organization of all national biathlon associations. It was founded in 1993 in Heathrow . It currently consists of 56 associations. It has been based in Anif since May 2020 , after having previously been based in neighboring Salzburg since 1998 .

In addition to the classic biathlon , the sports of roller ski biathlon, cross-country running biathlon and mountain bike biathlon also have their home at the IBU.


On July 2, 1993 in Heathrow near London, the national biathlon associations decided in a founding congress to separate the sport of biathlon from the world association UIPMB (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Modern Biathlon), where it had been integrated since 1953, and to create its own world association, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) to be founded. At this inaugural meeting, the new association adopted its constitution and elected its first board. The previous 57 biathlon members of the UIPMB were automatically accepted as members of the IBU. In August 1998 the International Olympic Committee recognized the IBU as an independent international Olympic winter sports association and in the same year the GAISF (General Assembly International Sports Federations, today's name Sportaccord ) accepted the IBU as a full member.

Legal status

In June 1999 the IBU established itself as an association based in Salzburg . The constituent general assembly required by Austrian association law took place in September 1999 in Minsk . A working partnership has been entered into with UNESCO , the most important component of which has been joint development projects for the biathlon sport since 1999 within the framework of existing UNESCO programs under the umbrella of CIGEPS (Conseil International Gouvernemental de l'éducation physique et du sport). The IBU thus fulfilled the legal requirements of a non-governmental organization ( NGO ) under Austrian law and was granted this status by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs in 2000.

Competitive nature

Since the IBU was founded, world championships for men and women as well as world championships for juniors have been held annually - with the exception of the years in which the Olympic Winter Games take place. Since 2002, together with the world championships for the juniors, world championships for the youth classes have also been held. 9 World Cup events are currently held annually . Since the 1994/95 season, European championships have been organized for senior and junior classes. Furthermore, the former European Cup was converted into the IBU Cup , a second, worldwide series. In the summer of 1996 the first world championship in summer biathlon was held in Hochfilzen . Since 2010, European championships in summer biathlon have only been held in cross biathlon and world championships in summer biathlon only in roller skibiathlon. From the 1999/2000 season, the IBU took over the leadership of the FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc) for the sport of Archery Biathlon (shooting with a bow and arrow instead of a rifle) and has since given it up again. The highlights every four years are the Olympic Winter Games , at which in the year after the IBU was founded, biathlon was represented in the program with 3 competitions each for men and women and since 2006 with 5 competitions each for men and women. The mixed relay was held for the first time at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 .

Raid on IBU headquarters in April 2018

The Federal Criminal Police raided on 10 April 2018, the business premises of the IBU in Salzburg. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency , the raid, which was carried out in coordination with the Norwegian police and Interpol , is related to doping. The investigation is in particular against President Anders Besseberg and Secretary General Nicole Resch .

The Vienna Business and Corruption Public Prosecutor's Office , which usually does not investigate doping matters, is responsible. On the same day - according to the EU Commission - there were raids across the EU on companies involved in the marketing of rights for the transmission of sporting events. There is a suspicion of violating antitrust law.

President Besseberg told Reuters that “the investigation related to doping issues that the IBU did not pursue. This is about suspicious blood samples. ”Besseberg wanted to wait for the judicial investigation and temporarily resigned from his position as President of the IBU. On April 12, 2018, he officially resigned from his position as Association President.

The WADA accuses Besseberg, among other things, of "having allowed himself to be bribed with paid hunting trips to Russia and the placement of prostitutes" in order to campaign for the 2021 Biathlon World Championships to be awarded to Tyumen . In the case of Nicole Resch, it is said that she "practically had sole sovereignty over the doping administration program in the association and denied access to other IBU employees." Up to 100,000 euros should be given to members of the IBU committee. In the 2017/18 season , 17 out of 22 Russian athletes are said to have started doping in World Cup and IBU Cup races. Overall, the IBU is said to have covered up a total of 65 doping cases by Russian athletes since 2011.

Types of competition

World championships

The World Championships are the most important event for which the IBU is responsible and - with the exception of the Olympic years - are held annually.

World cup

The World Cup is a racing series that takes place annually from the end of November to the end of March and includes nine venues with 25 to 30 races. Then there are the World Championships, which are also part of the World Cup.

Open European Championships

The European Championships take place annually, but despite their name, they are not continental championships in the strict sense, but part of the IBU Cup.


The IBU Cup is the second highest annual racing series in biathlon. Until the 2007/08 season the official name was European Cup , but non-European athletes were also allowed to take part in this. It includes eight venues and the European Championships.

Junior World Championships

Youth and junior world championships are organized annually for male and female youth and for juniors.

Junior Cup

The IBU Junior Cup was introduced as the third racing series for the 2015/16 season . It includes three venues as well as world and European junior championships. In the course of the introduction, the latter will be separated from the regular European championships and have since been held as a separate event.

Continental championships

Most continents organize their continental championships annually according to their rules based on the IBU competition rules:

  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America

Continental Cups

In Asia, North and South America and Oceania, a different number of continental cups are organized annually according to their rules on the basis of the IBU competition rules.

World championships in summer biathlon

Summer biathlon world championships are held annually for men, women, juniors and juniors with roller skiing and small bore shooting.

Acting persons


NorwayNorway Besseberg is different July 2, 1993 - April 12, 2018
AustriaAustria Klaus Leistner (Interim) April 12, 2018 - September 7, 2018
SwedenSweden Olle Dahlin September 7, 2018 - acting

Managing directors / general secretaries

GermanyGermany Peter Bayer July 2, 1993 - 2004
AustriaAustria Michael Geistlinger 2004 - April 30, 2008
GermanyGermany Nicole Resch (Interim) April 30, 2008 - November 12, 2008
GermanyGermany Nicole Resch November 12, 2008 - April 13, 2018 *
GermanyGermany Martin Kuchenmeister (Interim) April 13, 2018 - February 28, 2019
NorwayNorway Alf Koksvik (Interim) March 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019
SwedenSweden Niklas Carlsson September 1, 2019 - acting
* suspended


The current board consists of:

  • SwedenSweden Olle Dahlin, President
  • Czech RepublicCzech Republic Jiří Hamza, Vice President
  • AustriaAustria Klaus Leistner, treasurer
  • United StatesUnited States Max Cobb
  • NorwayNorway Tore Bøygard
  • GermanyGermany Franz Steinle
  • SlovakiaSlovakia Ivor Lehotan
  • CanadaCanada James Carrabre
  • United StatesUnited States Clare Egan , Athlete Representative

Senior staff

  • SwedenSweden Niklas Carlsson, General Secretary
  • GermanyGermany Felix Bitterling, sports director
  • GermanyGermany Christian Winkler, communications director
  • PolandPoland Dagmara Gerasimuk, Development Director
  • SloveniaSloveniaBorut Nunar, Race Director Biathlon World Cup
  • EstoniaEstonia Kristjan Oja , IBU Cup Race Director
  • GermanyGermanyArne Eidam, IBU Junior Cup Race Director

Technical Committee

Franz Berger (Austria), Tomasz Bernat (Poland), Gerald Hönig (Germany), Vlastimil Jakeš (Czech Republic), Kari Korpela (Sweden), Matej Kordež (Slovenia), Henrik L'Abée-Lund (Norway, athlete representative), Lorenz Leitgeb (Italy), Wolha Nasarawa (Belarus), Christophe Vassallo (France, Chairman), Hillar Zahkna (Estonia)

Athletes Committee

Clare Egan (United States, Chair), Aita Gasparin (Switzerland), Erik Lesser (Germany), Martin Fourcade (France) (since March 2018)


The International Biathlon Union has 54 national associations as full members:

ArgentinaArgentina Argentina Federacion Argentina de Biathlon
ArmeniaArmenia Armenia Hajatani Biathloni Federazia (Հայաստանի բիաթլոնի ֆեդերացիա)
AustraliaAustralia Australia Australian Biathlon Association Inc
BelgiumBelgium Belgium Royal Belgian Ski Association
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Skijaški Savez Bosne i Hercegovine
BrazilBrazil Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Desportos na Neve
BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria Balgarska Federatsija po Biatlon (Българска федерация по биатлон)
ChileChile Chile Federación Chilena de Biathlon
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China Chinese Ski Association
DenmarkDenmark Denmark Danmarks Ski Association
GermanyGermany Germany German Ski Association
EstoniaEstonia Estonia Eesti Laskesuusatamise Föderatsioon
FinlandFinland Finland Suomen Ampumahiihtoliitto
FranceFrance France Fédération Française de Ski
GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia Sakartvelos Erovnuli Biat'loni Pederatsia (საქართველოს ეროვნული ბიატლონი ფედერაცია)
GreeceGreece Greece Ellinikí Omospondía Chionodromías (Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Χιονοδρομίας)
GreenlandGreenland Greenland Greenland Biathlon Federation
United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom British Biathlon Union
IndiaIndia India Indian Biathlon Association
IrelandIreland Ireland Snow Sports Association of Ireland
ItalyItaly Italy Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali
JapanJapan Japan Japan Biathlon Federation (日本 バ イ ア ス ロ ン 連 盟)
CanadaCanada Canada Biathlon Canada
KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan Soyuz Biatlonistow Respubliki Kazakhstan (Союз биатлонистов Республики Казахстан)
KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Kırgız Respublikasının Biatlon (Кыргыз Республикасынын Биатлон)
CroatiaCroatia Croatia Hrvatski biatlonski savez
LatviaLatvia Latvia Latvijas Biatlona federācijas
LiechtensteinLiechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Ski Association
LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania Lietuvos Biatlono federacija
North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia North Macedonia Ski jacket federacija na Makedonija
Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova Federația de Biatlon a Republicii Moldova
MongoliaMongolia Mongolia Mongolyn Biatlony Cholboo (Монголын Биатлоны Холбоо)
New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand Biathlon New Zealand
NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Nederlandse Ski Vereniging
NorwayNorway Norway Norges Skiskytterforbund
AustriaAustria Austria Austrian Ski Association
PolandPoland Poland Polski Związek Biathlonu
RomaniaRomania Romania Federatia romana de Ski Biathlon
SwedenSweden Sweden Svenska Skidskytteförbundet
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Swiss ski
SerbiaSerbia Serbia Biatlon Sawez Srbije (Биатлон Савез Србије)
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Slovenský zväz Biatlonu
SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Smučarska zveza Slovenije
SpainSpain Spain Real Federación Española Deportes de Invierno
Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea Korea Biathlon Union (한국 바이애슬론 연합)
TaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan) Taiwan Chinese Taipei Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon Association
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic Český svaz biatlonu
TurkeyTurkey Turkey Türkıye Kayak Federasyonu
UkraineUkraine Ukraine Federatsija Biatlonu Ukrajiny (Федерація біатлону України)
HungaryHungary Hungary Magyar Sí Szövetség
United StatesUnited States United States United States Biathlon Association
UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan O'zbekiston Respublikasi Texnik sport Respublika markazi
BelarusBelarus Belarus Belorusskaja Federatsija Biatlona (Белорусская федерация биатлона)
Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus Cyprus Omospondía Kýprou Víathlo (Ομοσπονδία Κύπρου Βίαθλο)

In addition, the national associations of Andorra , the Dominican Republic , Iceland , Mexico and Russia are provisional members of the IBU.

Advertising and sponsors

As a television sport with millions of viewers, biathlon attracts major sponsors . The International Biathlon Union and its marketing partner Infront Austria organized a so-called scarce sponsorship concept . The IBU has signed a contract with the marketer Infront Austria, as well as with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for television broadcasting rights since 1993 and until 2022 . In 2014, after twenty years , BMW replaced E.ON and Ruhrgas as the title sponsor of the World Cup, plus there are five premium sponsors ( Viessmann , DKB , Erdinger alcohol-free , Bauhaus and Hörmann ). These companies are present at the Biathlon World Championship and at all Biathlon World Cups.

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