Dagobert III.

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Dagobert III. (* 699 ; † between September 3, 715 and February 29, 716) was the Merovingian Frankish king from 711 until his death.

He was the son of the Frankish king Childebert III. († 711). When he took office (probably in February) 711 Dagobert III. by ripuarischem law still a minor. The real power was in the hands of Pippin the Middle . It was not yet so far that the appointment of a real Merovingian could not be dispensed with. His politically unstable reign was marked by arguments between Plectrudis , Karl Martell and Raganfrid . Dagobert died early; his son Theuderich IV. , to whom the successor was actually due, was passed over, but Chilperic II was appointed.


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predecessor Office successor
Childebert III. King of the Franks and Burgundians
711–715 / 716
Chilperic II