Theuderic IV.

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Theuderic IV.

Theuderich IV. (* After 711 ; † between March 16 and April 30, 737 ) was the son of Dagobert III. and the penultimate Merovingian Frankish king .

He was passed over in 715, instead Chilperic II was appointed king over Neustria . In 716 Theuderich was transferred to the Chelles monastery for education . When Chilperich II died in 721, the caretaker Karl Martell , the actual ruler of the Franconian Empire, made Theuderich king. There are no sources of activities during his reign, but the city of Château-Thierry is said to be named after him. According to legend, he was held prisoner there by Karl. Theuderich died in 737, the royal throne remained vacant until the spring of 743.


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Chilperic II King of the Franks and Burgundians
according to Interregnum Childerich III.