Daniel Ben-Ami

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Daniel Ben-Ami (* 1960 ) is a business journalist and author based in London. His topics include economic development, world economy, financial markets and environmental economics. He is currently writing a book about what he believes is a widespread fear of mass wealth.

His articles have appeared in the Financial Times , The Guardian , The Independent , Prospect , The Sunday Telegraph, and The Sunday Times . His somewhat more controversial theses appeared in Spiked (Magazin) and the now defunct LM Magazine . As a speaker and speaker he has appeared at the Institute of Ideas , the New York Salon and WORLDwrite, as well as on various BBC radio programs, Bloomberg TV , CNBC , CNN and Sky News .

Ben-Ami is a climate change denier and is in favor of further economic growth. His book publication on the global financial markets became known in particular through a chapter on the financial policy of the Blair administration, Treasury Secretary Gordon Brown was too hostile to growth for him, Brown behaved more like a "savings bank director" than as the chief responsible for a major financial market. In Germany he has published in the magazine Novo , among others .

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