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The Jewish Echo is a year in Vienna published magazine .


The magazine was founded in 1951 by the Association of Austrian Jewish Students in Vienna as a newsletter for Jewish students. It appears annually with a specific topic on Judaism , and has been published by Falter for a long time . For decades, Leon Zelman was the driving force behind the project.

Is published The Jewish Echo from the Association for the publication of the magazine "The Jewish Echo" , the Leon Widecki heads as chairman. The association states the following association purpose in the imprint of the journal:

Historical-critical reappraisal of the Austrian-Jewish intellectual life as well as the presentation of current trends for the promotion of democratic culture.

The association is supported by public authorities, especially the Federal Chancellery and the Vienna city administration.

Since 1999 the magazine has had the subtitle "European Forum for Culture and Politics".

Leon Zelman was editor-in-chief for many years. After his death in 2008 Marta S. Halpert took over the editor-in-chief, in 2014 Erhard Stackl . The project coordinator is Susanne Trauneck, managing director of the Jewish Welcome Service Vienna .

The magazine ( ISBN 978-3-85439-519-5 ) has been published for a long time once a year with around 150 pages.

Item example

  • Stefanie Oswalt: "They had a common mission" ( Teddy Kollek and Ari Rath ), in: Zeitschrift Das Jüdische Echo , Vienna 2018/2019, Vol. 67, pp. 67 to 73, revised version of one on April 11, 2018 in Vienna lecture given; published September 2018

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