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The orchestra

description German music journal
publishing company Schott Music
First edition 1953
Frequency of publication eleven times a year
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The orchestra is a German-language magazine for musicians and management that has been published eleven times a year by Schott Music in Mainz since 1953 and is distributed in over 45 countries worldwide. The headquarters of the editor-in-chief is in Berlin, the editorial office is in Mainz.


The magazine deals with all topics related to the orchestra : with musician training and everyday professional life, with music and musician's medicine, with music education and training programs, audience acquisition and cultural financing, orchestra marketing and orchestra management. She takes a look at the international orchestral landscape, reports on the work of the radio choirs and publishes studies on audience research. Reports on concert series, music theater premieres, music festivals, competitions and symposia reflect current musical life. In addition, there is information about new things for musicians, also in instrument making, brief reports and detailed reviews of new books, sheet music, CDs and DVDs.

Musician job market

An extensive section of the magazine makes the world's greatest musician job market, where almost all German orchestras and radio choirs, European as well as international orchestras their vacancies Show and auditions advertise. The job market has been online since 2011.

Editor and editor

  • 1953–1979: Hermann Voss
  • 1953–1974: Ernst Fischer
  • 1975–2001: Günther Engelmann
  • 1976–1978: Peter Girth
  • 1978–2000: Rolf Dünnwald
  • 1959–1990: Ingrid Hermann
  • since 1990: Andrea Raab
  • since 2001: Gerald Mertens
  • 2001–2015: Ulrich Ruhnke
  • since 2015: Frauke Adrians

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Individual evidence

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