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As vacancy (medium latin vacantia , being free, emptiness'), the fact is known that an office or work site is currently vacant.

The term is particularly used in the official language of the Church. Traditionally, refers to the time in which a pastor is advertised as vacant time. If existing pastoral posts are no longer to be filled, they are referred to as permanent vacancies .

When a bishopric (especially the Apostolic See ) is vacant, one speaks of the Sedis vacancy .

In the case of ancient , late ancient or Byzantine offices, the addition vacans ('vacant', in the plural : vacantes ) could be used to honor people with an office that they then actually did not perform or at least not in the actual meaning. Examples: tribunus vacans , magistri militum vacantes .

Further use

  • In the past, the term vacancy was also used to describe school holidays (compare Dutch vacantie , French vacances , in the USA English vacation , Polish wakacje ). This is still the case today in Luxembourg and Poland.
  • The term vacant also occurs in sport . There it usually means that a title is currently not taken, e.g. B. the world championship title in boxing or wrestling.
  • In crystallography is denoted by vacancy , a vacancy in the crystal structure .
  • In diplomacy , vacancy stands for a vacant position in a diplomatic mission, in particular for a vacant position in the corresponding diplomatic management ( ambassador or consul general ).
  • In politics , the term is used for political offices that are partially vacant for entire electoral terms, e.g. B. The British Vice Prime Minister has been vacant six times between 1955 and now, some for up to 16 years.
  • In labor market economics , one speaks of vacant training positions and vacant (vacant / to be filled) positions on the labor market.
  • In psychoanalysis and thus also in analytical psychotherapy , partly also in depth psychology-based psychotherapy , the term vacancy is used for a not carried out, e.g. B. used canceled session. The vacant session and the associated vacancy rule are part of every psychoanalytic and psychoanalytically justified treatment. The importance of the vacant session results from the considerations on the theory of the treatment process and on the framework conditions for psychoanalytic and psychoanalytically justified work. The focus is on the idea of ​​a continuity of the process, which is expressed in a reliable chronological sequence of the sessions and which gives the individual session meaning (discussion on this e.g. in Korte (2003)).


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Wiktionary: vacancy  - explanations of meanings, word origins, synonyms, translations

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