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The Date / Time Group (Date Time Group, DTG) is a format for dates and time in NATO . In addition to working with other armed forces, e.g. B. in the area of ​​NATO, one needs a uniform communication method within the armed forces of a country to avoid misunderstandings. It is also used in disaster control.


A date time group consists of a sequence of eight digits and four letters.

The first two digits describe the day , the following four digits the time in 24-hour counting , followed by a letter indicating the time zone . After the time zone, the month is indicated by a uniform abbreviation consisting of three letters and at the end the year is optionally indicated in the form of two digits. Separators such as full stop or colon are not used in any information. For better readability, however, it is not uncommon to separate the segments partially or completely with spaces.

Please note that the day and year are always given as two digits.


The DTG 031732Bjul04 is interpreted as follows:

Structure of the DTG

Since summer time is required from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October , it must be called B for a DTG located in Germany; During normal time, around January, when referring to Germany A, z. B. 031732Ajan04 .

Month information

The months are given in the English abbreviation according to the following list.

German English abbreviation German English abbreviation
January January Jan July July jul
February February feb August August aug
March March mar September September sep
April April apr October October oct
May May may November November nov
June June jun December December dec

Time zones

Within the armed forces of a country, the country-specific time zone applies to national exercises / projects . B. for the Bundeswehr the time zone Alfa , whereby it should be noted that this is Central European Standard Time all year round , while Central European Summer Time corresponds to the time zone Bravo . If different armed forces work together in a multinational exercise, a different time zone that is valid for all must be determined. In the NATO area, this is the Zulu time zone ( Coordinated Universal Time , UTC).

Examples: July 3, 2004 at 5:32 p.m. in Germany is 3:32 p.m. UTC, the DTG is 031532Zjul04 . January 3, 2004 at 5:32 p.m. in Germany is 4:32 p.m. UTC, the DTG is 031632Zjan04 . For the conversion see UTC .

The letters of the alphabet with the exception of J are used for the military designations of the 25 time zones, which differ from UTC by whole hours and in the range −12 h to +12 h. J (Juliet) always denotes the local time, so it is not unique. In an easterly direction from the prime meridian with the time zone Z (Zulu, UTC ± 0 h) the time zones are designated with the letters A (Alfa, UTC + 1 h) to M (Mike, UTC + 12 h), in a westerly direction with N ( November, UTC-1 h) to Y (Yankee, UTC-12 h). For time zones that deviate from UTC by odd multiples of half an hour, an asterisk is appended to the letter of the time zone closer to the prime meridian, and a diamond for a distance of 45 minutes. Examples are Newfoundland in time zone P * (UTC-03: 30) or Afghanistan in time zone D * (UTC + 04: 30). Exceptions are the M time zones, which are more than 12 hours apart from UTC. The Line Islands have a time difference of 14 hours to UTC (UTC + 14: 00), but are west of the date line , which is why the time zone is marked with a cross as M . The same exception applies to time zones M (UTC + 12: 45, Chatham Island ) and M * (UTC + 13: 00, Phoenix Islands and Tonga ).

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