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David Gordon Blackbourn (born November 1, 1949 in Spilsby ) is a British historian who specializes in German and modern European history. He has been the Cornelius Vanderbilt Distinguished Chair of History at Vanderbilt University since 2012 . Previously, he was Coolidge Professor of History at Harvard University , where he was head of the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies .


After his doctorate at Jesus College of Cambridge University in 1976 taught Blackbourn initial period of 16 years at the University of London , before moving in 1992 to the United States to conduct research at Harvard University. In 2012 he moved from there to Vanderbilt University in the US state of Tennessee .

Blackbourn received early attention with Mythen deutscher Historschschrift (1980, not until 1984 in English as The Peculiarities of German History ; with Geoff Eley), a critique of the thesis of the “ German Sonderweg ”. Most recently, Die Eroberung der Natur (2006, German 2007) appeared, a story of the development of German rivers and moorland landscapes in modern times with a chapter on National Socialism , in which Blackbourn talks about genocide , the nimbus of the border, under the heading "Race and Land Reclamation" "Wild East" and the war of conquest, which ended in a war of extermination, writes as "Indian Wars".

In addition to teaching and researching, Blackbourn is co-editor of Past & Present ; Academic advisor to the “ Leibniz Institute for European History ” in Mainz and the Friends of the German Historical Institute in Washington . 1998–1999 and 2000–2002 he was director of the history department at Harvard; 2003–2004 President of the Central European History Committee of the American Historical Association .

In 2007 Blackbourn was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences .

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