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Delta Blues is a genre of blues that originated in the Mississippi Delta in the 1910s. It is a very archaic blues style in which the acoustic guitar accompanies the blues singer's singing. In this case, the term Mississippi Delta describes a region of the US state Mississippi between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers (not to be confused with the mouth of the Mississippi south of Baton Rouge in Louisiana ; see also →  Lower Mississippi Delta Region ) in which the Majority of the musicians was at home.

The Delta Blues is rough and intense, characterized by passionate singing and an economical guitar accompaniment. The chords that are often struck offbeat, runs on the bass strings and a counterpoint or doubling of the singing voice on the treble strings are striking. Approaches of call and response can also be heard. Another striking element is playing with the bottleneck , a playing technique on the guitar that was made famous by Charley Patton . From today's perspective, the Mississippi Delta Blues is the most significant regional expression in the development of the blues .

The Delta Blues belongs to the group of Country Blues .

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