The foreman from Dornitz

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The smelter from Dornitz is a story by the Halle homeland researcher Siegmar von Schultze-Galléra . It was published in 1915 under the title Der Hüttenmeister von Dornitz - A story from the hall circle at the time of the Thirty Years' War .

Against the background of the early phase of the Thirty Years' War, the author describes the resistance of the smelter Joachim Thim and his entourage against the troops of Wallenstein . The place of action is the then wooded area of ​​the northern Saalkreis , in particular the wooded area between the places Dalena , Domnitz , Dornitz and Löbejün .

Individual events and people are guaranteed by church registers and other documents. The smelting operation in the copper smelter started in February 1622. In November 1625 war events reached the area, operations were discontinued and the staff, except for one administrator, were dismissed. The hut and the adjacent pond overgrown.

In addition, Schultze-Galléra created a romanticized representation of the actual events on the basis of the facts available to him and through traditions. The author also sketches a regional impression of the Thirty Years' War. In addition to the effects of the war on the civilian population, v. a. regional customs, localities and the dominant structures at that time are shown.


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