The joker

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Work data
Title: The joker
Shape: operetta
Original language: German
Music: Walter Kollo
Libretto : Alexander S. Pordes, Herman Haller, Willi Wolff
Premiere: November 14, 1913
Place of premiere: Carl-Schultze-Theater, Hamburg
Place and time of the action: the estate of Herr von Grabow, around 1913
  • Hugo Windisch
  • Zerlina, his wife
  • Hilda, his daughter
  • Sophie, his daughter
  • Hans von Grabow
  • Alexander Christlieb von Kimmel
  • Bluethroat, tramp
  • Stotterwilhelm, tramp
  • Spiegelberg, tramp
  • the district administrator
  • the country doctor
  • the pharmacist
  • Franz
  • Wanda
  • Steppel, barber
  • Veronica
  • Gendarmerie sergeant

The Juxbaron is a farce in three acts by the composer Walter Kollo and the librettists Herman Haller and Alexander Siegmund Pordes ; Willi Wolff was responsible for the lyrics . The premiere saw this play on 14 November 1913 at the Carl Schultze Theater in Hamburg .


Act 1 - garden of the Grabow country estate

Hans von Grabow is celebrating their honeymoon with his newlywed Hilda. In order to be able to enjoy it in peace, Hans cheated on his in-laws that the guest room was already occupied by his old school and business friend Baron Alexander Christlieb von Kimmel. Since his mother-in-law doesn't believe that, she suddenly stands at the door with her husband and daughter.

In order not to be accused of lying, Hans and Hilda are now frantically looking for a person they can pass off as Baron Kimmel. When the tramp Bluethroat suddenly stands in front of the door, begging, he is frantically asked into the house. After a short but violent cleansing, he is given a suit and presented to the in-laws as Baron Kimmel.

2nd act - Elegant winter garden of the Grabowschen country estate

Mother-in-law Zerlina finds the tramp Bluethroat charming and asks him to stay. To the horror of Hans and Hilda, he now settles down at home. He drinks his way through the bar and begins to play caraway leaves with the district administrator, the doctor and the pharmacist . When he is caught cheating, this is seen as the quirk of a nobleman. The Windisch family, first and foremost Ms. Zerlina, sees Bluethroat as a rich businessman and forces him to spontaneously engage Sophie. In the middle of the beginning of the engagement party, the real Baron Alexander Christlieb von Kimmel bursts unexpectedly.

3rd act - boudoir of the Grabow country estate

In the middle of the night, it turns out that Bluethroat has taken his future father-in-law and his bride to a rag ball. Mr. Windisch was noticed there and arrested as a criminal. In order to clear everything up, Hans now has to reveal his vertigo. The real Baron Kimmel moves back into the guest room and Bluethroat asks of his own accord to cancel his engagement to Sophie. Before the in-laws of Windisch can get excited about this adventure, the curtain falls.

Film adaptations

The Juxbaron 1926


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