German Medical Association for the promotion of physical exercise

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The German Medical Association for the Promotion of Physical Exercise (DÄBFL) was a scientific organization for German sports medicine founded in 1924 .


After the First World War brought the activities of the forerunner organization, the German Reich Committee for Scientific Research into Sport and Physical Exercise, to a standstill, efforts were made at an early stage to pursue these activities and goals in the form of a new institution after the end of the war.

As a result, the German Medical Association for the promotion of physical exercise was organized at the 2nd German Sports Medical Congress in Berlin in 1924 . Ferdinand August Schmidt was elected the first chairman . Soon thereafter, regional sports medical associations were formed and sports medical advice centers were set up throughout Germany.

Certificate from the German Medical Association for the promotion of physical exercise from 1927 on participation in a "fully valid sports doctor course"

The main tasks were sports medicine research (then referred to as sports science research), sports medical examinations and advice, and the representation of sport in medical associations. Sports medical congresses were held annually. With the news sheet Der Sportarzt , the world's first sports medicine magazine was created in 1928.

Relevant knowledge was imparted in regional sports physician courses. By 1933 the number of medical members had risen to 3,000. When the World Association of Sports Medicine ("Association Internationale Medico Sportive", abbreviated AIMS; today: Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sport , abbreviated FIMS) was founded for the Olympic Winter Games in St. Moritz in 1928, the "pioneering country Germany" was thanked for the preparatory work it had done .

In 1933 the name was changed to Deutscher Sportärztebund . It was dissolved in 1937 and, as part of the “ Gleichschaltung ”, it was incorporated into the National Socialist German Medical Association .


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