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The term digit has been taken over from English in the meaning of digit , digit increment or digit . He is in the digital technology used often, especially in the digital measurement technology . However, due to the lack of a recognized definition, it should be handled with care.

Its use in the specialist literature is not uniform:

  • Occasionally it is used in the sense of a place .
Example: A measuring device with a measuring range of 000.00… 999.99 V has 5 digits (5 digits).
  • It is mainly used in the sense of a number step (always in the lowest digit).
Example: The following applies to the same measuring device: 1 digit corresponds to 0.01 V.

Its use in standardization in the field of measurement technology is not uniform in other ways:

  • The term “digit” does not appear in DIN 1319 on the fundamentals of measurement technology; the term digit step is written in formulations where it could be used.
  • In DIN 43751 about digital measuring devices, digits or digits are written in the sense of a digit step.

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