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The name Dike denotes

  • Dike (mythology) , one of the (mostly only) three hours in Greek mythology
  • Dyke or Dike, a volcanic corridor that cuts through layers of rock
  • Dike Verlag , a legal publisher in Switzerland
  • DIKE (project) "Digital information and communication system in the Evangelical Church of Hesse and Nassau", a project of the Evangelical Peace Community
  • (99) Dike , the asteroid number 99
  • Dike (rapper) , pseudonym of the German rap musician Dike Uchegbu
  • Dike Cirque , Bergkessel in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica
  • Gate Dike , Wall in North Yorkshire

Places in the United States:

Dike is the family name of the following person:

  • Paul Dike , Nigerian Lieutenant General in the Air Force (Air Marshal)

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