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Dike Verlag AG

legal form Corporation
founding 1985
Seat Zurich , SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland 
  • Mirko Meurer (Publishing Director)
  • Heino Herrmann (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Branch Specialist book trade
Website www.dike.ch

The Dike Verlag is a Swiss publishing house for legal, economic and social science literature.


The publishing house was founded in 1985 in St. Gallen by Ivo Schwander , professor of international private law, comparative law and Swiss private law at the University of St. Gallen .

In 1995 the publishing house was relocated to Lachen in the canton of Schwyz , and the publishing house kept a branch in St. Gallen. In May 2006, the publishing house was strategically realigned, with the headquarters being relocated to Zurich and a division into Dike Verlag AG in Zurich and Dike Zeitschriften AG in St. Gallen. The Lachen branch was closed. The company has been owned by the CH Beck publishing group, Munich, since August 2015.

The publisher was named after the Greek goddess Dike , the personification of justice. The dike corresponds to the modern Justitia . In addition, Dike is the legal term developed by the Greeks, which originally referred to today's "civil law", later also "constitutional law" and "criminal law".


Dike Verlag publishes the legal journals Current Juristic Practice / Pratique Juridique Actuelle (AJP / PJA), ZZZ (Journal of Civil Procedure and Foreclosure Law), Company and Capital Market Law (GesKR), Sicherheit & Recht / Sécurité & Droit , Road Traffic / Circulation routière and Causa Sport (the latter in cooperation with Richard Boorberg Verlag in Stuttgart and Jan Sramek Verlag in Vienna). For legal books and series, Dike Verlag works with the German publishers CH Beck Verlag and Nomos Verlag .

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