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Paul Dike (* in Issele-Uku , Aniocha North , State of Delta , Nigeria ) is a Nigerian Lieutenant General of the Air Force ( Air Marshal ) and chief of the Defense Staff since 2008.


After education at St Barnabas Primary School ( Primary School ) and Ogbomosho Grammar School in the state of Oyo , he joined in 1973 as an officer cadet in the Air Force and was initially to 1975 graduate of the Defense Academy (Defense Academy) in Kaduna .

After he found a number of uses in the Air Force after the on January 22, 1977 pilots (Flight Officer) was formed. On January 22, 1981 he was promoted to captain (Flight Lieutenant) and then on July 22, 1985 to Major (Squadron Leader). On January 22, 1991 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (Wing Commander) and on January 22, 1996 to Colonel (Group Captain). As such, he was first commander of the air fleet of the then President Sani Abacha in 1997 .

After his death, he was appointed in 1999 by Abacha's successor Abdulsalami Abubakar as the commander of the Tactical Air Command. In this position took place on January 22, 2001 first his promotion to Air Commodore ( Brigadier General ) and then on January 22, 2004 to Major General (Air Vice Marshal). On May 30, 2006, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Air Force as the successor to Air Marshal Jonah Wuyep and also promoted to Lieutenant General (Air Marshal).

On August 21, 2008, he was appointed Chief of Defense Staff of the Nigerian Armed Forces to succeed Lieutenant General Owoye Azazi .

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