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British Air Marshal rank badge

Air Marshal ( Air Mshl for short ) is a rank of the air forces in numerous English-speaking countries, including the British Royal Air Force , the Royal Australian Air Force , the Royal New Zealand Air Force and formerly the Royal Canadian Air Force (until 1968), the the Major General ( Lieutenant General ) of the army corresponds.

Rank structure and national characteristics

According to the NATO rank code (OF-8), the Air Marshal corresponds to the Lieutenant General ("three-star general") or Vice Admiral of the Navy. The Air Chief Marshal ( General ) ranks above the Air Marshal , including the Air Vice Marshal . The Air Commodore is similar to the Brigadier no longer the generals attributed. The five-star rank Marshal of the Royal Air Force , corresponding to the Field Marshal ( Field Marshal ) or Admiral of the Fleet , is now abolished in peacetime. The translation "air marshal" is often applied indiscriminately to the various ranks of general up to the Marshal of the Royal Air Force . Arthur Harris ("Bomber-Harris"; Commander-in-Chief of the RAF Bomber Command from 1942 to 1945) is often mentioned as the best-known British "Air Marshal" .

In the RAAF, the Air Chief Marshal is the highest achievable rank, but this is only given to the Chief of the Defense Force if he is part of the Air Force. The rank of Air Marshal is intended for up to four posts, including the commander in chief of the RAAF. The first Australian Air Marshal was Richard Williams , appointed in 1940 , the "father of the RAAF".

In the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Air Marshal is the highest attainable rank reserved for the Chief of Defense Force if he is a member of the Air Force. The rank has been awarded five times so far, the first time in 1976.

The Royal Canadian Air Force also knew the ranks of Air Marshal and Air Chief Marshal until 1968 , after which the rank designations were adapted to those of the Army.

"Air Marshals" in other states

In German usage, Hermann Göring was often referred to as an air marshal because he was Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force and was its first General Field Marshal from 1938 . In 1940, the rank of Reichsmarschall , set above the other field marshals, was introduced especially for him .

The Regia Aeronautica , the air force of Fascist Italy , knew the rank of Maresciallo dell 'Aria . The only holder of this rank was Italo Balbo .

In the Soviet armed forces, the marshal of the air force (see Marshal of the Soviet Union # Marshals and main marshals of the armed forces ) was also referred to as an air marshal.

The Marshal of the Portuguese Air Force is equivalent to a four-star general. The rank of Marechal-do-ar also exists in the Brazilian Air Force.

The former rank of marshal udara of the Malaysian air force can also be translated as "air marshal". He corresponded to the Air Marshal of the RAF.

armed forces

In the Bundeswehr , an Air Marshal is a member of the military police force who is responsible for the safety of the on-board crew and those transported (wounded, injured) on flights in crisis or disaster areas.

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