Dispute (magazine)

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description Members' magazine of the party Die Linke
Area of ​​Expertise politics
language German
publishing company Neue Zeitungsverwaltung GmbH, Berlin (Germany)
First edition July 1990
attitude February 2020
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Stefan Richter
editor Party executive of the party Die Linke
Web link die-linke.de/politik/disput/
ZDB 1117051-7

Disput has been a monthly membership magazine of the party Die Linke since July 1990 . It was published by the party executive and appeared every third Friday of the month. It was the successor to the SED / PDS party magazine Was und wie , which was published from 1973 to June 1990 . In February 2020 the magazine was discontinued because it was only subscribed to by an extremely small proportion of its members.


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