Double lifeline

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Double lifeline
Double lifeline
Type loop
application Securing a person
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The double rescue sling is a safety knot from classic alpinism and is no longer used today.


The double rescue sling was previously used as a kind of "chest strap". However, it is only suitable for securing if it can be secured from above. For example, when descending into a pit or secured on a fall when climbing the mast of a sailing ship. One loop is placed around the chest and the other diagonally around the chest and over one shoulder. It is important that the knot is tight so that the person to be belayed cannot slip out.

When the ring is loaded, this knot tips over and does not hold securely.
The knot must not be used as a fall protection.


The end of the rope is used twice as a replacement for a chest strap. The loop should reach roughly from the shoulder to the floor. Then a loose marlin spike is looped into the loop with the double rope . The resulting double loop is pulled through almost all the way until only a small bay remains at the end of the rope. This bay is pulled over the whole knot. The knot is tightened on the two loops.



A similar knot with a similar application is the double bowline .

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