Dorothy Bar-Adon

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Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon (before 1934)

Dorothy Bar-Adon (born Dorothy Kahn August 2, 1907 in Philadelphia ; died August 7, 1950 in Merhavia ) was an American-Israeli journalist.


Dorothy Kahn grew up in Atlantic City and made her first journalistic experiences there after attending high school. In 1933 she emigrated to Palestine and worked in English for the Palestine Post , which in 1950 became the Jerusalem Post . She also wrote for other Jewish newspapers and magazines. From 1936 she lived in the Givat Brenner kibbutz .

In 1939 she met the archaeologist Pessah Bar-Adon, they married and in 1940 had their son Doron Bar-Adon. In 1943 they moved to the moshav Merhavia . Dorothy Bar-Adon fell ill with renal insufficiency in 1950, for which there was no treatment at the time.

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