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Scarlet macaw, just like Douglas was

Douglas was a scarlet macaw that attracted media attention in April 2016 because it was about to be euthanized again. The docile parrot, who could speak and sing 50 words in Swedish, starred in a 1970 Pippi Longstocking film.


In 1970 Douglas played the parrot Rosalinda in the film Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land , who kept Pippi's father company as a spy in the dungeon. The pirates who captured Captain Longstocking hoped to find out where his treasure was hiding. Douglas was three years old at the time.

Until the beginning of 2016, Douglas spent his old age in a tropical house in Malmö . As early as 2003 he was supposed to be killed at the instigation of the authorities, since no certificates of origin were available. 50,000 signatures were collected in favor of the parrot; The actress Inger Nilsson , former actress of Pippi Longstocking, also took part in the action. The original owner was finally able to prove that Douglas was legally imported from Brazil in 1967.

When it became known in 2016 that the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture was demanding a larger aviary for 49-year-old Douglas and his roommate Gojan, or, alternatively, that the two birds be euthanized, protests broke out across Europe. There were numerous offers to take over the birds.

Ultimately, the Karlsruhe Zoo took in the macaws Douglas and Gojan. In a large outdoor aviary, the two could now stay outside. Since Douglas could no longer fly due to his old age, the aviary was set up to be particularly easy to climb. Both should have more companions. In September 2016, the more than 45-year-old female golden macaw Gojan died.

Douglas died of old age on February 23, 2019 at the age of 51.

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