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Dribbling in football ( Lionel Messi )
Video: Basketball Dribbling Styles

Dribbling (to dribble English "trickle", "drip" ) describes the movement with the ball in various ball sports . Depending on the sport, special rules must be observed. In handball and netball, this is called bouncing .

  • Indoor handball : the ball is repeatedly hit with one hand on the ground. The dribbling hand may be changed. Only three steps may be taken without bouncing. The process ends as soon as an attempt is made to catch the ball again. Rolling a ball lying on the ground is also permitted.
  • Full-field handball : The ball is repeatedly bounced to the ground with one hand; the hand may be changed. Only three steps may be taken without bouncing. In contrast to indoor handball, the ball may be caught between bouncing and then bounced again.
  • Soccer : The player guides the ball as close as possible to his foot and uses body deception to run past the opponent.
Basketball dribbling
  • Basketball : Ball control as in handball, but only two ground contacts are allowed after picking up the ball. See also double dribbling
  • Hockey : The ball is repeatedly played back and forth between the forehand and backhand of the hockey stick (colloquially also gambling , fiddling ).
  • Netball : The ball may only be bounced once. No more than three steps may be taken with the ball in hand. Thus, the ball-carrying player's range of motion is limited to a maximum of six steps.