Drifter (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Power metal , thrash metal
founding 1981, 2006
resolution 1990
Website http://www.drifter.ch
Founding members
Tommy Lion
Peter Wolff
Ivano Marcon
Sven Rosemann
Guido Kirschke
Current occupation
open at the moment
Lead guitar
Peter Wolff
Ivano Marcon
Gabor Szabo
Roland Ribi
Drifters at the Keep It True VI warm-up show

Drifter is a Swiss thrash metal band.

Band history

The band was founded in 1981 by the guitarist Ivano Marcon, then under a different name. In 1983 Peter Wolff joined and the name was changed to Drifter . Due to good reviews in music magazines, the band gets some attention and sets the demo tape Tales Of Dragonia alone via mail order more than 500 pieces from. The second demo tape Beyond The Burning Circles is also sold over 700 times; Considerable for a time when the doctorate was almost entirely by post. Due to this success, Drifter were able to play as local support at the Slayer concert in Zurich in April 1987 and shortly afterwards signed a contract with the Hamburg major label Teldec . This is the first contract that a German-speaking power / thrash metal band can sign with a major label and is celebrated as a sensation in the relevant press. In the meantime, the band has shed its fantasy image and released two albums: Reality Turns to Dust (1987) and Nowhere to Hide (1988). Phil Campbell, guitarist for Motörhead , was a guest musician on two songs on the last album .

In 1989, shortly after the release Nowhere to Hide and a European tour with Manowar , the band is facing a potential breakthrough. But due to internal differences, the singer Tommy Lion resigned, followed shortly after by the drummer Guido Kirschke. Although the remaining members try to keep the band up and release another demo, it comes to a final breakup in 1991.

After Tommy Lion left Stormhammer , the band reunited under the name Mana Prime . On March 18, 2006, the band made their comeback as a drifter at a gig in Rock-City, Uster and began playing concerts again, including at the Keep It True Festival. After Tommy Lion left in July 2011, it was decided to end the band's activities at the end of 2011. The homepage is no longer updated.


The Drifter lettering was designed by Tom Fischer and Martin Ain (both: Celtic Frost ).


  • Tales Of Dragonia (1985; demo)
  • Beyond The Burning Circles (1987; demo)
  • Reality Turns To Dust (1988; Frontrow, Teldec Schallplatten GmbH)
  • Nowhere To Hide (1989; Frontrow, Teldec Record Service GmbH)
  • The Demos 1985 & 1986 (2006; Stormspell Records)

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