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Family coat of arms of the princely family Drucki-Lubecki: Wappengemeinschaft Drucki

Drucki-Lubecki is the name of a Polish noble family of Lithuanian - Ruthenian origin. The feminine form of the name is Drucka-Lubecka in Polish .


The Drucki-Lubeckis are a princely family and a sideline of the Princely House Drucki that the Rjurikiden - dynasty came. At the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland-Lithuania, the Princely House of Drucki-Lubecki was part of the magnate class , i.e. the Polish-Lithuanian nobility.

The main line of Drucki was split into several subsidiary lines through inheritance divisions, such as the houses Drucki-Horski, Drucki-Tołoczyński, Drucki-Sokoliński, Drucki-Konopla, Drucki-Ozierecki, Drucki-Pryhabski, Drucki-Babiczew, Drucki-Putiatycz, Drucki-Krasny and the Drucki-Lubecki. Except for the houses Drucki-Lubecki and Drucki-Sokolinski all utility lines in the course of the 16th, 17th and 18th century are in the male line died out.

The princely family Drucki-Lubecki was extremely influential and wealthy due to the accumulation of state offices and latifundia in Poland and Lithuania, for example they owned the village of Bałtów in today's powiat Ostrowiecki .

The descendants of those von Drucki-Lubecki are currently living in emigration .


Franciszek Ksawery Drucki-Lubecki (1778–1846)