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Dummy [ ˈdʌmɪ ] ( English for dummy , placeholder ) stands for:

Person or animal-like:

  • Crash test dummy , a man or animal-shaped manikin equipped with numerous sensors that is used in accident research (crash tests) on vehicles and aircraft
  • Paradummy , a paratrooper dummy, which is mostly used for military purposes
  • a doll with the shape and weight of a person, e.g. B. for practicing rescue operations at the fire brigade , or for load simulation during the TÜV acceptance of a ride
  • a term for a beginner or a beginner without specialist knowledge (but then mostly pronunciation [ ˈdʊmɪ ] based on the German word "dumm")

Useful object:


  • a placeholder or a variable that is initially not required when programming
  • In computer technology, a file that is created to test the functionality of a program or test setup
  • a dummy variable in the regression ( statistics )
  • an English widespread among electrical engineers Designation for equivalent load

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