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An e-zine (also: Webzine ) is an Internet portal in magazines style. It usually offers extensive editorial content such as articles, columns or interviews . These can be written by both professional journalists and volunteer authors.

The design of an e-zine is based on the classic magazine magazine, but online community functions are also often implemented. Unlike communities but the content ( "stands for an e-zine content ") in the foreground. Although an e-zine also has options for interaction, the focus is not on the networking of users, but on the overriding topic. Community features such as discussion forums , an internal mail system, evaluation options and comment functions are therefore optional in an e-zine.

While many well-known magazines put their articles online, an e-zine d. H. the articles exclusively online via content management systems .

Examples of e-zines are Blackpaper (lifestyle), Phrack (hacker topics), 29A (computer viruses) or laut.de (music).