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Area ergonomics
title Ergonomic basics with regard to mental workload
Brief description: Ergonomic basics with regard to mental workload
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ISO 10075

The standard EN ISO 10075 is an international standard , the guidelines of the work design with respect to mental workload describes.

The DIN EN ISO 10075 reflects all three levels of impact resist that can have a standard: National, European, worldwide. On the basis of a standard from the international standardization organization ISO , a European standard was developed that was adopted as the DIN standard for Germany, ÖNORM EN ISO 10075 for Austria and SN EN ISO 10075 for Switzerland.

Parts of the series of standards

The EN ISO 10075 series of standards consists of the following parts:

  • EN ISO 10075-1 Ergonomic principles with regard to mental workload - Part 1: General information and terms (ISO 10075: 1991; EN ISO 10075-1: 2000).
This part is an extension of ISO 6385, sections 3.7 to 3.9, and specifies terms and definitions.
  • EN ISO 10075-2 Ergonomic principles with regard to mental workload - Part 2: Design principles (ISO 10075-2: 1996; EN ISO 10075-2: 2000).
This part contains guidelines for the organization of work.
  • EN ISO 10075-3 Ergonomic principles with regard to mental workload - Part 3: Principles and requirements for methods for measuring and recording mental workload (ISO 10075-3: 2004; EN ISO 10075-3: 2004).
This part provides guidance on measuring mental workload.

The English-language series of publications is entitled Ergonomic principles related to mental workload . Therefore, in connection with this norm, instead of mental workload, one can also speak of mental or psychomental workload .

In the EN ISO 10075-1 standard, the definition of "psychological stress" has been adopted almost unchanged from the German standard DIN 33405 , which has existed since 1987 and has since been withdrawn .

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