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Ecma International (Ecma) is a private, international standards organization for the standardization of information and communication systems and consumer electronics , based in Geneva . The organization was founded in 1961 under the name ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association . The name was changed in 1994 to reflect the international nature of the organization. As a result, the name part Ecma lost its meaning (abbreviation for European Computer Manufacturers Association ).


Ecma International aims to:

  • The development of standards and technical reports in cooperation with national, European and international standardization organizations.
  • Promoting the correct use of standards.
  • The publication of standards and technical reports. The publications are freely accessible.


To date, Ecma International has published more than 370 standards and more than 90 technical reports. These publications are in the public domain . Some of the better known publications include:

  • The standardization of C # and other components of the .NET technology from Microsoft
  • The standardization of ECMAScript - This was preceded by a dispute between the two companies Microsoft and Netscape over the further development of the scripting language JavaScript created by Netscape . With standardization, this dispute, which was to the detriment of users and programmers, was essentially resolved.
  • The standardization of the 3D format U3D .

Ecma International gained further prominence through its work on the standardization of Office Open XML within the framework of Technical Committee 45 (TC45).

Structure and structure

Ecma International is headed by the General Assembly of Ordinary Members. The general assembly is the supreme body of Ecma International, controls the organization and appoints and controls the administration. The administration, the secretariat and the coordination committee report to the general assembly. The actual standardization work is carried out in several technical committees and working groups.


Membership is restricted to companies or other legal entities that operate in areas covered by the technical committees and working groups. Private individuals cannot become members of Ecma International. There are five types of membership, whereby only ordinary members have the right to vote in the general assembly. The division of the extraordinary members is based on the annual worldwide turnover. Membership is chargeable.

Cooperations and partnerships

Ecma International maintains cooperations and partnerships with the following standardization organizations:

  • CEN - European Committee for Standardization
  • CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
  • ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • ICTSB - ICT Standards Board
  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization
  • ITU - International Telecommunication Union
  • JTC 1 - ISO / IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (A-Liaison)

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